Temporary Bridge Loan

Individuals that require funding to bridge the gap between a sale and a purchase often approach lending companies to explore the option of a temporary bridge loan on Staten Island, NY. This type of loan provides the security individuals need when they require immediate funds. The funds can be applied to help with financing while they wait for the sale of their home.

Freedom to Buy

When a homebuyer wants to use a temporary bridge loan for a real estate transaction, they can immediately access their existing house’s equity to buy a new home. That way, they don’t have to wait until the old home sells. This loan allows them to freedom to purchase the house they want without taking the chance it will sell before their home is sold.

A temporary bridge loan can also mean that they might not need to pay monthly installments for a certain period. This feature allows homeowners the opportunity for repayment flexibility when they have the cash available.

Loan Advice from Experts

Allow us to provide advice and guidance regarding temporary bridge loans to determine if it’s the right choice for you. Our trained professionals have years of experience in multiple types of financial dealings that can facilitate your purchase. Talk to us today about a temporary bridge loan that can increase your peace of mind.