Short Term Bridge Loans


We have a large source of funds available to finance your challenging loan request.Call us or fill in the wizard for free evaluation.

We have two types of commercial funding, short term and longer term commercial loans.


$100,000. to $ 40,000,000.

Please note there are property types that we do and do not lend on. Below is a list of what we like and what we don’t like. Let me see your submissions today and I will get back to you right away with our interest.
Can do:
Commercial: NATIONWIDE (except for Michigan and Vermont)** Multi-Family (5+ units), Mixed Use, Office Building, Office Condos, Lite Industrial, Warehouse, Groups of Condos or Residential properties owned by LLC or Corp. Just added Hotels and Motels, Restaurant Properties, Parking Lots, Mobil Home Parks, Storage Facilities, Night Clubs, Car Dealerships.
Cannot do:
Land, development deals, ground up construction ,theme parks, golf courses, marinas ,casinos, hospitals ,churches, ski resort, bio-diesel plants, parking garages ,care facilities, owner occupied homes. Land, Land, Land, Ground Up Construction, Development deals, Churches, Hospitals, Casinos, Resorts.
3-24 mths.
Interest Only
$100 K- $ 40 Mil.
Second Mortgages allowed.
Need at least 20% of your own funds if there is a seller second.
50-65% LTV (Depends on State)
80% Total Combined Financing
1-3 week close
Full, ALT and Stated income types.* Bad credit? – No problem!
* Tax returns not showing enough income? No problem!
* The building has less than 90% occupancy? No problem!
* Closing date within 30 days? I can do it with a cooperative borrower.
* Hesitant about paying upfront fees? We charge NO upfront/due diligence fees!

Please call me today with your commercial deals requiring private, bridge financing.

Joseph Failla

Joseph Failla: 917 294 1506

LONGER TERM LOCAL LENDING CLOSE TO METRO NY.Our longer term funding is up to 15 years.

a 3 yr ARM and a 5 yr ARM

A 15 yr fixed is offered for excellent credit.

Both are 30 year amortization

Property types are mixed use, retail, office, apartment building, strip centers, commercial condos.

Call Joe for a free review of your needs.

917 294 1506

Contact us when you need funding for your development project. We proudly serve Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, New York, and the surrounding areas.