​Alternative Income Verification Loans

Failla Funding has the ability to provide its clients alternative income verification loans. These are mortgages involving lenders who can validate a borrower’s income without conventional documentation. Aliases for these loans can include “low-doc loans” and “no-doc loans”.

Borrowers who choose alternative income verification loans often are self-employed or small-business owners. Yet investors who possess steep obstacles in providing verified income documents also commonly participate in alternative income verification loans.

These loans are particularly ideal for small-business owners when their business growth can’t be comprehended from their financial records in the previous year. Financial records can be impacted by the display of a large expense a business owner may not have to repay anymore.

Self-employed borrowers can purchase or refinance properties without needing to show bank statements and tax documents. Alternative income verification loans are also more beneficial to those in the low-income range than many other traditional loans. 

Borrowers are permitted to provide non-conventional forms in order to verify their income in an effort to show off their loan-repaying capabilities. Alternative income verification loans have higher interest rates and more of a strict protocol than traditional loans, including greater liquid-asset requirements. Many lenders prefer significant initial down payments, and it’s crucial that a borrower has good credit.

Perhaps the most critical step a borrower takes when securing an alternative income verification loan is the first step of factually stating their income. Those who falsify or inflate their income can be subject to serious penalties and issues. Borrowers should be transparent and honest regarding their debts during the application process.

Second, a thorough examination of the total price of the potential property needs to be conducted by the borrower. This should consist of all various costs and fees, including insurances, taxes, maintenance fees and utility costs, among others.

Failla Funding takes into great consideration the specific needs of every client, especially regarding lending alternative income verification loans. You’ll be provided a greatly satisfying variety of options and information so you can make the best decision for you.

Whether you live in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, the Bronx or Long Island, Failla Funding can gladly help you acquire an alternative income verification loan. Call (718) 966-6760 or (917) 294-1506 today.