Are you behind in your mortgage payments or in foreclosure and can’t seem to catch up? Don’t want to lose your home?
We will work along with you and your lender to help get a mortgage payment that will work for you.
A large number of homeowners are finding themselves using a loan modification plan to stop foreclosure.
If you are able to make your regular payment, but you can’t catch up with the past-due amount, we will negotiate with your lender to get it current.
If they agree, we may be able to include any past-due amounts, including interest and escrow, into the unpaid principal balance. This new amount will be re-amortized over a new period of time.
If you are unable to make payments, we will negotiate with your lender to extend, and or change the terms of your mortgage to a more affordable level.
If you owe more than your home is worth, we can try to reduce your principal balance as well.  
If you have an adjustable mortgage, we can try and freeze the payment, even if you are not behind!
A successful loan modification will change your mortgage and life to give you a fresh new start in managing your home.
Along with our modification service, enjoy one of three vacation choices on us!